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My name is Monique and I have been working in the hair industry for over a decade. I am a color and cut specialist certified in extensions, Japanese straightening, and Master Certified in Brazilian Blowouts. Currently, I own the Rockin’ Locks Salon in Long Beach, California where I also work as a stylist. (Visit our Salon’s website)

I have styled, cut, and colored all types of hair imaginable from short, long, straight, blonde, bleached, and everything in between. Through the years I’ve used thousands of products. From my experience, I’ve found many people using harsh shampoos and conditioners that create dry and brittle hair. These products would strip color causing washed out and lustless tones. Taking a closer look at the ingredients in most hair care products, I discovered dozens of synthetic chemicals. Sulfates, parabens, silicones, and harsh preservatives are abundant in a lot of national brands. After doing extensive research and testing, my partner and I opened ‘Vintage by Monique’, our line of all natural moisturizing hair care products. We craft our products by hand using only the finest organic ingredients available.

We chose our name Vintage because it calls back to a time when products were made without harsh chemicals. Also, we test all of our products on ourselves, not animals. Our commitment to healthy quality products is inspired by my clients – those looking for natural moisturizing products that promote a smooth, vibrant and most importantly, confident look. Please enjoy our Vintage Moisturizing line!

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  • Certified Organic 100%
  • Sulfate, Paraben, Nitrite & Nitrite Free 100%


Our vision reaches beyond just bath and body products. We want to be stewards of humanity, charity, and good will. A portion of our proceeds are donated to locally based nonprofit organizations. We are always looking for opportunities to help when possible. Although we are a small company, we are committed to aligning our motivations as a business to philanthropic pursuits. As we continue to grow, we plan to expand our contributions.

To inquire about our donations, to offer your services, or to request a partnership, please email us at Info@VintagebyMonique.com – Attn: Philanthropy. Thank You!

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